September 26, 2019

KamaGames’ Latest Pokerist Update Launches a Variety of Innovative New Features Including Social Sports Betting

Dublin, Ireland – 26th September 2019 - KamaGames, the largest European social casino operator, has today announced an update to its flagship Pokerist app.

Pokerist players will now be able to access several new and exciting features that KamaGames believe will drive increased engagement throughout their entire portfolio of gaming titles.

As a leader in social casino innovation, KamaGames are excited to announce another first on the social casino landscape with the full launch of the Social Sports Betting feature allowing players to wager the chips already in their Pokerist account, on real-life sporting events.

At launch, players will have several options when it comes to how they want to wager their chips through the availability of pre odds as well as live odds, along with other betting options that include accumulator bets and single bets.

The catalog of sports and leagues available to players will now include more than a dozen sports along with major leagues such as the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, Champions League, NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB.

In addition to the regular sports, KamaGames has also recognized the growing popularity of esports by including Counter-Strike, DotA 2, StarCraft 2, Overwatch and League of Legends to the new social sports betting feature.

KamaGames soft-launched sports betting on a smaller scale previously this year, which has allowed the company to gather preliminary data and confirm the significant interest in the feature amongst players.

Joining the new sports betting feature is the brand new Pokerist app Casino Guide.

The Casino Guide is a feature geared towards new players and also players who, as of yet, have not discovered the full extent of Pokerist’s collection of social casino games and want to discover all that the Pokerist app has to offer. The Casino Guide works as a map that guides players through various tasks and achievements which range from trying specific games to winning a game with a particular combination of cards. Upon completion of each task, players will receive valuable in-game items and move through the map unlocking new games and greater rewards.

Another of the key features of this latest Pokerist update, the referral program, will allow players to invite friends into the game via the app. As a reward, when a current Pokerist player refers a new player to the game, both will be rewarded with virtual chips. In addition to the initial referral bonus, the higher the engagement the new player has with the app, the higher the reward for the player who referred them. As players already have a high level of social interaction within the portfolio, KamaGames feels this new feature will be a strong foundation to drive socialization even further.

The Lottery scratch card section of the Pokerist app has also been revitalized as part of this latest update. Among the changes to this already popular feature is the addition of several interesting new mechanics including the ability to win a wider variety of prizes, a ‘top winners’ mechanic and the opportunity to increase the number of chips a player can potentially win.

Finally, having seen such successful growth in slots revenue with a 69% increase in H1 2019, KamaGames has added another all-new game to its extensive Slots portfolio. Themed around the world of Alice in Wonderland, this new game promises an immersive fantasy experience for the constantly growing number of avid Slots players.

For more information contact:

Sam Forrest

Director, Global Communications

KamaGames UK


About KamaGames

KamaGames is the largest European social mobile poker operator, with over 630,000 daily active users.

Established in 2010 and employing over 250 staff, KamaGames has its corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ireland as well as offices in London and China.

The flagship title Pokerist, has been localised into 28 languages, was the #1 grossing app in 101 countries on the App Store and one of the top 5 grossing apps in 45 countries on Google Play.

Following 2018 reports revealing KamaGames’ gross revenue increased by a total of 33% since 2017, growing from $57.5m to $76.4m, the operator recently unveiled that at the end of H1 2019, revenue increased by 11.2% when compared to H1 2018 to reach $46.3 million.

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