February 07, 2024

KamaGames Adds Make and Take to Slots

KamaGames is again growing our Slots portfolio with the release of Make and Take.

In this latest launch, players will find themselves in a secure vault, accompanied by a lucrative printing press. Thus, the challenge set out before them is clear - how much cash can they print out and escape with before their luck runs out? The exhilarating atmosphere of Make and Take is heightened by the presence of entertaining features, immersive graphics and a stimulating soundtrack.

Adding to the richness of the game, KamaGames has included a lucrative new feature at the paytable, Make Money. When two matching bill fragments align during a spin, Make Money is activated. These two bill fragments merge to create a complete note. This action is then followed by an instant cash prize for the player. Furthermore, as the winning note vanishes from the reels, new fragments drop to take its place. This sequence of events continues until, at last, no more wins appear on the reels. 

Players can also enjoy their longtime favourite features during Make and Take in the form of Free Spins and Slot Status. The first feature is triggered once the player hits a Free Spins note. To make this feature even more lucrative, there can be multiple Free Spin bills on the reels. This means players can collect even more Free Spins and have an opportunity to pocket incredible wins. Thanks to Slots Status, the more chips a player accumulates throughout the game, the higher their status will climb. Starting with a bronze status, players can then progress to a silver, gold, emerald ruby, and finally, a sapphire status!

Make and Take is now available to the whole of the KamaGames community from version 58 and above!


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