December 08, 2023

KamaGames Celebrates Latest Launch, Primal Spins

KamaGames is excited to launch our latest unforgettable gaming experience, Primal Spins! 

Players must trust their instincts to dominate this wild 5x3 reel slot machine where they’ll be met with bold features, immersive graphics and creative sound effects. 

Among the attractions of Primal Spins come lucrative features at the paytable. The first of these features includes Scatter symbols. When a player is lucky enough to collect more than one Scatter symbol, the feature is triggered and players earn a reward. Three Scatter symbols on the reels grant no less than eight Free Spins. Elevating the opportunity to win big, any scatter symbols that appear during Free Spins will bestow players with an additional spin. 

Should a player collect two Scatter symbols, Primal Spins is triggered. During this time, with each spin, the winnings multiplier increases by one. These Spins continue until a payout occurs - again boosting the player’s chances for a rich win.

Longtime Slots fans will notice Slots Status included in Primal Spins. With this feature, the more chips a player accumulates throughout the game, the higher their status will climb. Starting with a bronze status, players can then progress to a silver, gold, emerald ruby, and finally, a sapphire status!

Primal Spins is available from version 57 and above. 

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