April 08, 2020

KamaGames Releases Record Quarterly Results

KamaGames is proud to announce our latest set of results for the first quarter of 2020.

These most recent results reveal KamaGames most successful quarter to date as gross revenue reached a remarkable $29.25M. This is an impressive 37% growth when compared to Q1 2019.

Not only did this quarter set a new record in terms of quarterly gross revenue but also in the number of unique paying users engaging with KamaGames titles. We are proud to report that, when compared to the same period of the previous year, each month of 2020 has experienced an impressive 20-30% growth in unique paying users.

Furthermore, KamaGames’ quarterly results have not been adversely affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The latter half of March witnessed the number of new users in countries where quarantine had been enforced increase by 30%. The revenue in these countries has also demonstrated growth nearing the end of the March, however, that growth didn’t have a significant effect on results for the overall first quarter.

KamaGames instead attributes this continued growth to a number of successful innovations carried out in 2019, including the release of new features, games and improved monetisation mechanics. 

Looking forward to the second quarter of 2020, KamaGames will continue to innovate with the launch of a new and sizable update to our social casino games. This update will introduce a wide range of new features targeted at engaging KamaGames’ millions of players worldwide.

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