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Self-exclusion terms

How self-exclusion request works (the SER)
A user makes a request to us to be barred from accessing certain apps. Such a request will result in a block being placed on the user’s account and the user will not be able to access our game servers nor apps.
Just as with all technology, we cannot guarantee that the request and the system will work every time. However, we endeavour to honour each and every request made to us.

The SER applies to all our apps that resemble casino games and the list of apps may be expanded at our sole discretion. Should you require additional information relating to SER, feel free to contact our customer support team.

How our users initiate the SER
You need to open our application, and on the main screen click on the button "Support". In the "Support" window, select the "Account-Related Questions" section and select "How Self-exclusion works (the SER)" in the field with possible issues.
You need to write about your wish of Self-Exclusion of your current account and click on a "Send" button.

How SER works
1) You send us a message through support with your request and Self-Exclusion.
2) You will receive a confirmation from us about the Self-Exclusion of your account.
3) We cannot act on SER relating to third parties. You may only make a SER in relation to your own account.

How long the SER process takes
We aim to process your request within a reasonable time. Please, note, you still remain responsible for any purchases and any activity pending your exclusion. Moreover, we do not provide any refunds for such activity pending exclusion..

How long SER lasts
Important: SER will result in your inability to access our apps for a minimum of 365 days from the date of your SER.

Moreover, you are not allowed to open a new account during that period of self-exclusion, whether by using aliases, different information or in any other way that may enable you to circumvent our rules.

Once initiated, you cannot change your mind and reverse the SER. You will need to wait 365 days following self-exclusion before reactivating your account.

What happens to your progress and virtual items during the self-exclusion period.

  1. You will regain all your virtual items and progress upon reactivation after the Self-Exclusion period.
  2. As with pre Self-Exclusion, no transfer of virtual items is allowed during the period of Self-Exclusion.
  3. Any bonuses and/or promotions with an expiration date will expire at their expiration date even if the date falls within the Self-Exclusion period.
  4. We recommend that you delete our apps from your device during the Self-Exclusion period, even though you should not be able to play our apps. If you need assistance in deleting our apps, please, do contact our Customer Support team at once.
  5. You may not access or attempt to access our apps during the Self-Exclusion period. We do not take responsibility for your attempts to access our apps in circumvention of our rules and technical barriers.


What happens to my data during the self-exclusion period?
We will try not to send you any promotional or marketing material during the Self-Exclusion period. However, there is no guarantee that this may not happen due to a technical error. Should you receive any such promotional material in error, please, let us know as soon as you can.

We will deal with your personal data during the Self-Exclusion period in line with our Privacy Policy. The Self-Exclusion period does not trigger an automatic deletion of your personal data.

Should you wish to exercise your data subject rights during the Self-Exclusion period, feel free to do so in line with our Privacy Policy.

For any questions on SER, contact our Customer Support team who will be happy to assist.

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