June 30, 2018

KamaGames announces the launch of their latest Slots game, Diamond Rush

KamaGames are pleased to announce the launch of our new Slots game - Diamond Rush!

Diamond Rush offers fun gameplay features, stunning graphics, 35 paylines and more fresh ways to win.  

Just like the traditional, iconic slots games, Diamond Rush rewards players when three or more identical symbols appear, but that's not all. Diamond Rush also has a “WILD” symbol, which matches with others working the same way as a wild card in a card game. When the WILD symbol appears, it expands across the entire reel taking over other symbols and giving players a greater chance of winning with the highest combinations possible.

Diamond Rush also has more chances for free spins which can be won if three of the “Free Spin” symbols appear anywhere on the reel, even outside the fixed paylines. Get three Free Spin symbols and get 12 spins, four symbols gives 17 spins and five symbols gets 25.

As with all of KamaGames’ slots games, there is also hidden bonus game too. Line up 3 bonus symbols and the mini game begins. Just one more of the many ways to win in Diamond Rush.

To play Diamond Rush, simply open the Pokerist App and select slots from the drop down menu on the home screen.

Players can download Pokerist now, by clicking on this link: https://pokerist.com/play

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