January 27, 2020

KamaGames Launches Joker Poker

KamaGames has today announced the launch of our latest video poker machine - Joker Poker.

Created with the versatility of this powerful card in mind, Joker Poker will see a Joker card being added to the deck. The Joker card can be used to replace any other in the deck and with strategists playing on its versatility, we know this will result in some strong and interesting hand combinations.

With a Joker added to the deck, players have a higher chance of holding a winning hand. This combined with the ability to play up to 25 hands at once means that the chances of more frequent payouts are increased!

Continuing KamaGames’ trend of high-quality design and gameplay seen across the entire video poker portfolio, Joker Poker also features immersive, high-end graphics, ensuring players receive an authentic video poker experience. 

KamaGames is committed to continuing to lead the social casino and video poker market in areas of innovation and creativity by offering regular instalments of new and exciting content to players. 

To play Joker Poker or any of KamaGames popular games, download the Pokerist app here.

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