March 07, 2023

KamaGames Adds Leagues Feature Across All Games

KamaGames is pleased to launch our newest challenging feature, Leagues!

Aimed at our most ambitious players, this lively new feature will foster a revitalised element of competitiveness within our ever-expanding community. As such, it will push players into refining their existing poker skills. Yet, also motivate them to consider crucial elements such as tactic and strategy.

There will be several leagues available, each hosting its own requirements for entry and rewards when mastered. Players can begin at the Bronze League and if they possess the talent, progress all the way to the Diamond League. As they improve their game and boost their ranking from league to league, players will pocket valuable rewards. Anyone wishing to join a league must win a minimum of 10,000 chips beforehand. After that, their only mission is to climb their way to the top. 

Players who have excelled with this new feature will be happy to know that their League Level will be displayed in their profile for all rivals and friends to witness. To get in on the action and join Leagues players will have to be of a level 3 or higher. 

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