April 26, 2024

Pantheon Treasures Marks KamaGames’ Latest Launch

KamaGames is delighted to announce our newest slot release, Pantheon Treasures. 

With the help of a majestic soundtrack and powerful artwork, players will be drawn into the mythology of Ancient Greece. This 5x3 reel slot pulls from the divine power of Greek goddesses and given its supply of lucrative features, will leave players primed for generous wins.

Pantheon Treasures plays host to Mega symbols, Free Spins and Slots Status. The Mega symbol can appear at the centre of the reels at any point throughout the game. Given that it’s equal to that of nine regular symbols, the inclusion of this feature intensifies the potential for substantial wins. Players can also enjoy Free Spins once two of these symbols appear on the reels. Boosting the thrill of the feature, while Free Spins are running, the Mega symbol can drop anywhere on the reels. 

With Slots Status, the more chips a player wins, the higher their status will climb. All players begin at a bronze status and with luck, can achieve a silver, gold, emerald, ruby and sapphire status. As players climb higher, they can boast of their skills to rivals and friends alike.

Pantheon Treasures is now available to the whole of the KamaGames community from version 61 and above!

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