March 04, 2024

Tour to Tokyo Lands in KamaGames’ Slots Portfolio

KamaGames is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our Slots portfolio - Tour to Tokyo. Blending the slick style of contemporary Japan with exciting features, stunning graphics and a rich soundtrack, this 3x5 reel slot has all the makings of a hit game. 

Tapping into the opulence that encapsulates the very essence of Tokyo, KamaGames has included a rich new feature at the paytable. As the game unfolds, players will notice that three random reels occasionally synchronise. This kicks off the lucrative Sync Reels feature. When this occurs, all the symbols on one reel are replicated to another, making potentially impressive combinations. 

Furthermore, KamaGames’ long-standing Free Spins feature begins when three or more of these symbols appear anywhere on the reels. Players can win up to a total of 25 Free Spins, enhancing their odds of pocketing significant wins. Yet, Tour to Tokyo has even more to offer as the casino has also included Slots Status in this latest title. This feature allows players to enjoy this latest addition to KamaGames’ portfolio while winning chips and improving their status. Players who prove skilled at Tour to Tokyo can grow from a bronze status to a silver, gold, emerald, ruby and finally, a sapphire status.

Tour to Tokyo is available to the whole of the KamaGames community from version 58 and above. 


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