June 21, 2024

Pokerist Marks 14 Years of Innovation

KamaGames is celebrating fourteen years of our flagship app, Pokerist!

Since its launch in 2010, Pokerist has consistently grown to become the foremost-ranking poker app across multiple regions in terms of both revenue and audience size. KamaGames’ dedicated commitment to innovation has led the app to continuous growth and now, Pokerist is en route to becoming the dominant poker app across the globe. 

In the last year, KamaGames has consolidated our efforts on key innovations across numerous areas. These areas of interest focused on the regular introduction of new monetisation opportunities, updated features and enhanced socialisation. This has led to KamaGames once again growing at a rate faster than the overall market and generating record-breaking revenue figures.

KamaGames credits key monetisation opportunities for the growth experienced in the previous year. In particular, we recognise DIY offers, new stores for Free Spins and Power Hands, alongside the opportunity to purchase elite and event passes for fellow players as essential to our success. The casino also began offering coupons which aim to deliver special rewards and bonuses to loyal players who complete purchases within the casino. 

Amongst our most noteworthy launches of the previous year is the introduction of Albums to Pokerist. This creative new element to the game allows players to accumulate vast collections of imaginatively designed cards. To assist players in building their extensive collections the casino introduced WILD cards. If a player is rewarded with a WILD card, they can unlock any unopened album card. Even if a player receives duplicate cards, the casino allows them to trade them for points, making for a truly rewarding in-game experience. Further new features added to Pokerist include side bets in blackjack. Each table hosts two distinctive side bets on various potential game outcomes. Given the presence of traditional, yet dynamic blackjack entertainment, coupled with this new exciting element, we’re confident that this game will appeal to novices and professionals alike. Finally, KamaGames’ Keno game marks our newest launch. Keno has captivated audiences across the US and given our longtime success with similar regionally popular games, we are eager to witness its success with players.

Throughout the year, KamaGames also revised already established elements of Pokerist to enhance the rewards and entertainment value given to our players. In video poker, the casino introduced a new mode, Extra VP, which allows players to multiply their winnings depending on the collected combination in the current hand. Alongside this rewarding new mode, KamaGames launch a wealth of additional content outside of our core poker offering. In fact, players were treated to no less than 15 new slot machines in the previous year alone. 


Given the extensive range of social features on offer to our players, KamaGames considers Pokerist not solely a poker app, but also a social network. Longtime players have always been able to interact via in-game chat, animated avatars and through the exchange of luxurious or amusing gifts. This high standard of socialisation, alongside a vast collection of diverse games, ensures that Pokerist is not only a poker app but an immersive and realistic casino experience. 

To celebrate the previous fourteen years of undeniable success, KamaGames has launched a variety of content within Pokerist. This includes an expansive display of activities and bonuses aimed at keeping players engaged and entertained, while also giving them ample opportunity to win big. Players can delight in a special new season of Casino Pass or catch an exclusive tournament with handsome rewards and a host of additional birthday content!

Looking to the year ahead, KamaGames is committed to sustained growth. As a company, our focus will remain on emerging as a leader in new countries, in terms of both downloads and revenue figures. We’re also working toward the launch of new and unique mechanics and tournaments to our apps. Through these ambitious steps, we aim to achieve our ultimate goal of supplying value, entertainment and joy to our ever-growing community of players.

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