April 14, 2023

KamaGames Adds Sugar Cash to Slots Offering

KamaGames is pleased to announce our sweetest new slot addition, Sugar Cash.

Players will be dropped into a gamer's Candyland as they get a taste of this 5-reel, 25-pay-line slot machine, packed with wild symbols and free spins. Given the colourful and cartoonish design coupled with innovative features, Sugar Cash promises to be a hit with casual and serious slot gamers alike.

Alongside free spins, players can expect to find collapsing symbols in this imaginative new slot. Thanks to this feature, once the player has secured a win and received their payout, the game continues. The symbols used to make up the winning combination will disappear, only to be replaced by the symbols directly above them. If the new combination of symbols on the reels is a winner then the process will repeat itself. This series of events will continue until the symbols stop disappearing. 

To sweeten the deal, players can enjoy our Slots Status feature. The more chips a player wins, the higher their status. Players can earn themselves a silver, gold emerald, ruby and even sapphire status. 

As of today, Sugar Cash is available from version 52 and above. 


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