April 26, 2021

KamaGames Adds Viking Axe to Slots Portfolio

KamaGames is pleased to announce the introduction of our newest slot, Viking Axe!

Hosting artfully crafted graphics and thrilling mechanics, Viking Axe tempts players with an entirely new feature in our Slots portfolio - SPLIT. When the SPLIT token drops, each symbol present on the first reel divides and will then be counted, not one, but two. Of course, this increases the player’s chance of making a favourable combination and thus, securing a rich win.

To further add to the intrigue, players can collect up to 10 Free Spins while trying their hand at Viking Axe. During Free Spins only high symbols appear on the reels. Players can also use Viking Axe to boost their Slots Status, an interesting new initiative within KamaGames’ Slots portfolio. The more chips a player wins, assisted by both the new SPLIT feature and Free Spins, the higher their Slots Status. Statuses begin at silver level and players have the opportunity to advance to a gold, emerald, ruby and ultimately, a sapphire status.

In a continuous effort to reward the loyalty of our VIP players, those sitting at VIP 3+ level were able to play Viking Axe in early access. Now, however, KamaGames has opened this engaging new slot to the entirety of our expanding gaming community.


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