December 11, 2020

KamaGames Launches Boost and Elimination Tournaments to Blackjackist

KamaGames is proud to announce the release of two new blackjack tournaments, Boost and Elimination.

KamaGames’ Blackjackist is currently the number one blackjack game on mobile in terms of income, audience, and new user numbers. These two new tournaments include accessibility and ease of playing but also the atmosphere of friendly competition and the ability to compete against friends - features that players have regularly voiced as favored aspects of Blackjackist

Available from today, the Boost Blackjack Tournament is short but sweet, appealing to players who enjoy high stakes but don’t have the time for a lengthy tournament. Three players play three rounds, with only those who don’t go bust making it to the fourth and final round. The key difference in this tournament is that the winning prize is only determined immediately before the commencement of the first round. A spinning drum will appear on-screen revealing a variety of possible rewards including a prize worth 1000 times the player buy-in. Players will compete for whichever reward the drum lands on and the one with the most chips following the final round will be named the tournament champion.

The launch of the Elimination Blackjack Tournament will follow in the coming weeks, hosting a total of three players, participating in seven rounds. Players can use in-game currency to supply their buy-in for the tournament and after that, the game begins. The aim for players here is to make it as far as possible in the tournament, securing more chips than their blackjack rivals. After the completion of the fourth round, the player with the least amount of chips departs from the table defeated, leaving the remaining two to play on for a further three rounds. Once all seven rounds have been played, the player with the most chips is declared the ultimate winner. 

These new tournaments serve as an example of KamaGames’ continuing effort to improve our blackjack offering to ensure it’s the number one, not only in terms of metrics but also in unique features and events available to players. We are confident that these latest additions will result in a noticeable boost in retention, engagement and session length for Blackjackist. While the core aim with this launch is to expand the offering contained within Blackjackist, these tournaments will also be available across KamaGames’ wider collection of social casino apps.

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