December 01, 2021

KamaGames Announces Cyber Week Activities

In a continuation of our Black Friday activities, KamaGames is proud to announce the launch of our 7-day long Cyber Week promotion.

In celebration of the global phenomenon, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week will treat players to a wealth of promotions, including a special in-game event. Players will find the casino packed with generous discounts and gifts from the casino. These tempting discounts will, of course, extend to sales on chips, gold and even lottery tickets! 

Naturally, Cyber Week will host all the customary activities for a KamaGames event, including a global, country and friends rating system where players can win hands, prove themselves among their poker playing peers and climb to the top. In-game, players can play, win and collect event points. Those who collect points can then exchange them for a range of exciting rewards. To repay our most dedicated and skilled players, the more hands won and the more points collected, the greater the reward to be possessed. 

KamaGames has made a dedicated and continued effort to reward the talent and loyalty of our players. This Cyber Week promotion, picking up merely a few days after our Black Friday campaign, is just a small demonstration of that effort. As a company, we always experience positive feedback from our valued players following our in-game events and we’re confident that Cyber Week will be equally well received. 

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