May 25, 2023

KamaGames Adds Gem Clusters to Slots

KamaGames is thrilled to announce our latest dazzling slot, Gem Clusters.

This striking new 7x5 slot offers KamaGames’ players a new twist on traditional slot games. To add extra sparkle to Gem Clusters, players of this slot will experience a variety of exciting and innovative features, like cluster pay, collapsing free spins and collapsing symbols. Thanks to these additions players will have the opportunity to win multiple eye-watering payouts.

Cluster pay comes into effect when there are five or more adjacent symbols. Collapsing symbols create the chance for substantial wins by removing winning symbols from the reels and allowing those directly above them to fall into a new position. Following this, collapsing free spins begin when seven or more collapses occur in a single spin. Fans of our games will recognise the slots status feature in this latest launch. Players can play, win and build their status from silver to gold, emerald, ruby and sapphire. 

The beauty of Gem Clusters is its ease of playing, coupled with a fun and energetic playing experience. Even the most novice slot player can spin the reels and win big with a few simple taps!

As of today, this slot is available to our entire community from version 53 and above. 


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