October 24, 2022

KamaGames Launches Swashbuckling Slot, King's Musketeers

KamaGames is pleased to announce our latest heroic slot, King’s Musketeers.

Accompany the legendary swashbucklers as they unite to share in escapades and protect their king. During the exploits of this thrilling slot, players can win up to 10 Free Spins! These begin once all four legendary musketeers appear on the screen. Rewarding the spirit of “all for one and one for all”, if all musketeers appear, they transform into WILD symbols. During this time, WILD symbols replace all others on the reels, ensuring players make more valuable combinations. 

Accompanied by premium graphics and gripping features, King’s Musketeers is the latest in a long line of worthwhile instalments to the KamaGames Slots portfolio. Given the positive response to these Slots additions, players can expect a further expansion of this portfolio in the coming months.

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