March 11, 2022

KamaGames Announces Significant Update to Holiday Events

KamaGames is pleased to announce the latest notable update to our Holiday Events!

The most notable addition to the latest version of Holiday Events is the newly created Event Pass. This creative new feature gives players the chance to purchase an Event Pass and thus, collect lucrative rewards and bonuses. More specifically, players who hold an Event Pass will gain access to exceptional sales where they can pocket up to 3 times the value on chip and event point purchases. 

As before, players will still accumulate event points when they win games throughout the casino during the event. The more points they earn, the more rewards they unlock. Players will also continue to compete in a global, country and friends rating system where they can keep track of competitors. Of course, only those who collect the most points will soar to the top of their leaderboards.

Since their launch, Holiday Events have been consistently popular among the KamaGames community. With the introduction of Event Pass, KamaGames predicts a continuing upturn in user engagement and revenue stemming from these events. As always, KamaGames will continue to engage with feedback, and enhance those features and mechanics which our players enjoy most. 

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