July 29, 2022

Video Poker Celebrates Third Birthday Milestone

KamaGames is thrilled to mark Video Poker’s 3rd birthday!

Throughout the previous three years, KamaGames has grown our Video Poker portfolio to include no less than twenty-two titles. Making the video poker experience even more compelling, eleven of these machines can be played in Classic mode which embraces the old-world Las Vegas style. We also host eleven titles in Multi-Hand mode, a thrilling way of playing that allows players to manage up to twenty-five hands at once. 

Video poker is widely popular across the globe, most notably in regions such as the US, Canada, Australia, Germany and France. In these locations, our game performs exceptionally well. Naturally, there’s a strong crossover between those who enjoy video poker and other casino-style games. That’s why we’ve given our video poker players access to our other eleven popular titles - all in one app!

Given this impressive birthday milestone, the KamaGames team have prepared a host of in-game activities, special events customised sales for players to enjoy. This niche but dedicated group of video poker fans can also expect to find a special surprise in the casino throughout our birthday celebrations. KamaGames is proud to report that our video poker offering is one of the best in the market. Throughout the remainder of 2022, we’ll aim to further enhance this offering to ensure our players are constantly entertained.

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